About Us

we secure your digital transformation

ArtsSEC was founded by a group of IT professionals dedicated to Information Security. We are focused on providing creative solutions and delivering high-value services to customers. The company was formed in 2012 by a team of experts with collective decades of experience working for multinational companies.

ArtsSEC is a start-up information security company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We do information security, penetration testing, mobile applications, and hardening, among others. We are working on making the company a happy, creative, flexible and productive place all at once. Our team of security experts work remotely from different cities around the globe.

Our Mission

Our goal is to develop and integrate consulting solutions, analysis, and to implement security measures in information systems. We provide our customers with the means to protect their information assets, because we know it is extremely important that they can develop their businesses free of risk.

Our Vision

We work to create friendly environments with our customers, building relationships that promote trust in our brand. Through innovation in services, we provide solutions that meet all our consumers’ needs. We seek to facilitate the growth of our company, and to create new job opportunities by opening the market to new professionals.

Our Values

Our values focus on ethics, respect for people, and responsibility toward others. These values are absolute, and they form the foundation of ArtsSEC.

Careers Opportunities

If you are passionate about cyber and security challenges in information technology associated with threats and vulnerabilities, or if you are looking for an enriching experience to build your career with a very motivating team and exciting work environment, apply at ArtsSEC!

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