Solutions for Every Industry

providing comprehensive security services for all the major industries


Financial institutions need to be especially careful with network security because the information is inherently sensitive. We test against all potential forms of network penetration, so you can move forward with initiatives without concern over risk to your consumers. We also consider that financial organizations have a strict set of rules by which they must comply, so we train ourselves to stay ahead of these regulations.

Federal Government

Like financial services, government agencies handle the most sensitive information for private citizens. Moving or storing social security numbers, home addresses, and tax information means these agencies must stay vigilant in the face of potential threats. Our thorough testing and reporting provides solution-based services to these agencies, to ward off dangers both foreign and domestic.

Enterprise Software

Enterprise software can be difficult to secure because of the sheer volume of data that passes from one point to another at any given moment. Threats can come from external sources looking to steal consumer data or from competing agencies after trade secrets. Our services shore up the hardware and the source code of your software, making sure you have the right tools in place to protect your assets.


Retail transactions carry the same risk as financial institutions, except financial data is in motion more often. You want to make sure consumer and company data is protected at the point-of-sale, in transit, and in the associated databases used to store it. This requires sound strategies for infrastructure, cloud storage, and any mobile services you provide, which we provide and more.

Technology & Communications

Our black box, gray box, and white box analysis services are ideal for companies in the technological and communications industry. Our tests and reviews are the best way to solidify your source code against vulnerabilities, and to make sure your networking strategy is sound as you put your reputation on the line.


The healthcare industry carries with it an ever-changing set of compliance requirements and legal liabilities. Security is not only important for protecting sensitive medical information, but for ensuring its accuracy. We can help harden those servers where medical data is stored, and we can help raise the security awareness of your employees to avoid human error.

Non-profit Organizations

A non-profit organization can be a part of any industry, so it may use any areas of expertise mentioned above to reach compliance. Fortunately, we have years of experience aiding clients with information security in financial, healthcare, or even charitable organizations. Note: non-profit organizations that meet criteria may be eligible for special discounts. Please contact us for details.

We adjust our approach according to the best practices of these fields, to deliver complete services to our clients.