Penetration testing offers many benefits, allowing you to:

Reveal existing vulnerabilities before attackers do

Test your cyber-defence capabilities and procedures

Meet regulatory requirements and certifications

Preserve corporate image and customer loyalty

Why Use Penetration Testing?

Passing data and resources through Web applications carries the inherent risk of exposure via the Internet. This known to all developers. Tech agencies usually handle security in-house, building their defenses using the same expertise they used to create the applications. But not all companies have in-house web security expertise, and even those that do need help from specialists every now and then. This is where ArtsSEC steps in. Detailed results of our penetration tests are provided for our clients, which consider the severity of each and provide a recommended course of action. However, we aren't just in the business of telling clients where their systems are vulnerable; we provide many services to harden your defenses at the server, application, and device levels.

To set up your penetration testing demo, please email us at info@artssec.com, and a representative will be happy to assist you!